6 Steps for everyone on How to clear an interview

How to clear an interview

Have you ever wondered on “How to clear an interview?” For most of us, getting shortlisted for a job interview springs our soul straightaway to Cloud 9! It’s kind of a big deal, getting that one call you’ve been waiting for, the call that takes you another step towards your Dream Job.

But as exhilarating as being selected feels, the thought of going through the interview is equally dreadful. We all get the jitters when it comes to facing the actual interview.

But, Worry No More! Because JobsBuffet.com is here to guide you with 6 life-saving steps that will help you on “How to clear an Interview” at any level. So let’s start.


The first step is to make sure you are thorough with the job description. It is very important to know what is expected from you and how well you fit in for the role. Additionally, make sure you know the whereabouts of your employer. The company’s mission, vision, objective, history, policies, names of people of importance et cetera should be on the tip of your tongue.


The last thing you want to do is to show up at an interview unprepared! One of the key on “How to clear an Interview” is to ensure that you have adequate facts, information and knowledge about the subject matter that you will be dealing with in the applied job. Along with that, practice the basic frequently asked interview questions such as Self Introduction, Goals and Objectives, Strengths and Weaknesses, Why should you be hired etc.


You can’t show up to an interview wearing a pair of ragged jeans and a tee, Duh! You don’t want to make a reckless first impression. The outfit you wear to your interview should be neat, tidy, and FORMAL ! Or a Semi-Formal at least. You should be well groomed, and make sure you don’t overdo it. Along with it, maintain a proper body language throughout, and keep a healthy eye-contact.

Now your looks are not going to speak for you, are they? Impeccable communication skills are extremely important. The interviewer is going to judge your capabilities based on your communication skills. Make sure you speak clearly, and speak as much as required. Try to speak in an organized way; you really don’t want to mess the interviewer’s mind up!


Your CV is your salesman, so it has to be faultless! Keep updating your CV and add all your important skills, experiences and milestones achieved. Don’t carry 10-20 pages in the name of a CV, the interviewer sure as hell doesn’t have that much time. Make sure you never lie in your CV; it’s going to put you in huge trouble in the future. Also, the pages won’t speak for themselves and so, rehearse explaining your CV before the interview.


The most important step to cracking an interview is to overcome the fear factor. No matter how well prepared you are, how amazing your skills are and how flawless you CV is, if you fear and lack confidence, it’s all in vain. The key to overcoming fear in thorough preparation. Prepare so well that leave no stones unturned, and there will be nothing to be anxious about. Be confident, and you are half way there.


Even though you screwed up real bad, don’t lose hope. Make sure you show gratitude and grace to the interviewer no matter how bad the interview was. There will be many more opportunities knocking your door. Stretch a smile, and be optimistic. You’ll be fine and you will succeed.

Thank you for your time and we will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. Best of Luck.

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