How to get a promotion

Every good thing in life comes with a price. When we are talking about how to get a promotion, it’s not just a good thing; it’s possibly the best thing for an employee! I mean, who doesn’t love getting promoted? It feels amazing when all your hard work results in recognition and rewards! But as good as it feels to get a promotion; the price to pay is higher as well!

Getting a promotion is no cakewalk, reason being why not everybody gets promoted. It takes much more than doing your job. There are a bunch of Do’s and Do not’s. We here at want to guide you through it. Let’s start!

9 Things You Should Never Do:

  1. Never keep bothering your boss about promotion.
  2. Do not show off your skills too much.
  3. Stop procrastinating on your work.
  4. Stop complaining too much.
  5. Stop showing up late in the office.
  6. Don’t mix personal and professional life.
  7. Avoid bad interpersonal relationships.
  8. Don’t work just for the sake of money.
  9. Don’t chat too much inside the office.

9 Things You Must Do:

  1. Dress accordingly for the job you want.
  2. Portray all your strengths and skills appropriately.
  3. Be productive and efficient in whatever you do.
  4. Learn proper conflict management.
  5. Maintain a small and good circle of co-workers.
  6. Be goal oriented, collaborative and hard working.
  7. Learn extra skills and courses that others don’t have.
  8. Show leadership, potential and problem-solving skills.
  9. Keep learning and updating your skill-set.

With these small but effective steps, you will be able to achieve the desire promotion in no time, however there are lot other factors on how to get a promotion at workplace. Still you need to make sure you inculcate these in your daily habits. All the Best!

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