Jobs of the Furture

Everyone wants to know what are the Jobs of the future are. This is the age of technology and automation. Time and again, revolutionary changes have taken place in the field of science, technology and management, as a result of which many traditional careers have ceased to exist. Studies state that by 2030, we will lose over 6 million jobs to automation.

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What are the sectors that are prone to this devastation and which jobs are going to be the jobs of the upcoming decade? Let’s know!

Here we have a list of 6 Jobs of the Future that are blooming every single day and are likely to reach the pinnacle in the upcoming decade.


It is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, mostly computer systems. In short, it can be understood as artificially created human-like intelligence. Every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities – especially question answering systems that can be used for legal assistance, patent searches, risk notification and medical research. A career in AI is a career of future!


It has been called “The Sexiest Job of 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review. Most companies are trying to make sense of the monumental data flow coming in from multiple sources in order to gain better business insights. But managing the complete volume, variety, and velocity of data being generated every second requires no less than data wizards with a natural endowment for statistical analysis, quantitative reasoning, predictive modelling, programming, and so on. A career in Data Management will take you the long way.


Drones are going to be the new future, marking their territory in agriculture, infrastructure management, conservation, disaster management, aerial photography, or product delivery. In India, however, drones are still primarily used for defence and law enforcement, but the scenario is going to change very soon. And when it does, drone manufacturing and operating is going to need massive manpower. This is a career of upcoming 2-3 decades if not more for sure.


According to Economic Times, Consultants are not going away anywhere soon. As businesses and governments reduce cost by scaling down permanent employees, there will be a growing market for management consultants to provide need-based services. There will also be a huge market for specialists to provide on-demand scientific and technology consulting. You can spread your business net far and wide providing inputs remotely through the Internet or video calls as required. Consultancy is another devastation prone sector as of now.


If you are interested in the IoT, as a smart home designer you could help customers plan and convert their houses into smart homes. Using Virtual Reality, you would help design custom-made, virtual reality experiences. In the field of 3D printing, you will enable customers to design and produce bespoke items. This is another career that’s here to stay and grow.


These are the most bullet proof career options for decades to come including beautician, fitness trainer, tuition teacher, life coach or personal branding expert. There will always be never-ending demand in these sectors, but the competition is sure as hell high. You need to be efficient enough to survive.

If you wish to comment and share your ideas on what could be jobs of the future we love to hear from you. Best of Luck!

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