What Job is Right For You

If you still wonder what job is right for you, we would definitely like to discuss our points. Most young adults, on the verge of finishing their professional education and on the beginning of the journey of job hunting, are perplexed about what they actually want.

We speak from experience, that it definitely is not easy. Just choosing any random job is not going to be good enough, and neither will it yield the desired development for you. So it is going to be quite challenging to find out what job is right for you, especially when you are interested in multiple fields.

Experts at JobsBuffet.com an Online Job Portal in India have done their homework, and found a solution to this career dilemma. Here is a list of what you should do when you are baffled about what job suits you the best.


If everything interests you and coincidentally, you’re good at everything as well, you have to wait, until you discover what is it that you’re best at. Until you find that one thing, you could try out in careers that are flexible enough to give your career multiple directions.

For instance, you can hook yourself up with 2-3 part time jobs in sectors that interest you. Once you work for the sectors practically, it becomes easier to choose one. This will also give you the required amount of time to think, or to pursue any further courses and stuff.


It may happen that you find a certain job that interests you and fulfills your need hierarchy for the while, but if it’s stagnant, then there will be nothing new to learn or do. And that’s pretty depressing! As someone who’s nothing less of an all-rounder, you want to incessantly learn, grow and develop. So make sure you select a field that is dynamic, and has ample scope for self-development.


See, the thing is, there might be hundreds of fields that you’re both interested and good at, but there will always be that one thing which you can do like no one else, the one thing that you are the best at, the one thing that you practically can’t go a day without doing. As said by Steve Jobs, “Do not settle, keep looking.”

Find online career counselors, take career quizzes and keep questioning yourself now and then. Dig deep into yourself, and you’ll know what it that you actually want is.


As we said earlier, there will always be that one thing which you are the best at. Now, that fellas, is your strength. Backing up your strong points and making a career out of them is always a great idea.

For example, among a team of writers, let’s say, you’re the one awesome writer. You’re the best and no one does it better than you in your group. Now that makes you important, valued, well-rewarded, self-satisfied, and most importantly, irreplaceable. The risks here will be less. So always remember to follow your strengths, they will surely take you to the pinnacle one day my friend!


Nowadays, some industries and organizations are no more sectors specific. Find a collaborative industry that believes in interdependent management structure. That way, you won’t be limited to one specific job. Even though you are directly involved in one department, your work will be inter-linked with the other departments in the organization, thus allowing you to explore yourself more and more. This will provide you with immense scope for development.

These are the few ways that will possibly help you find what you actually want. And don’t you worry, because “What you seek, is seeking for you too”. You’ll get there.

If you have any questions, we would really like to hear from you, appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thank you and Best of Luck!

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